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Middle School Guidance

The goal of the counseling department is to spend 80% of our time in direct service to students, parents, and staff so that our students reach their maximum potential. 
What does a middle school guidance counselor do?

A middle school counselor. . .
provides individual and small group counseling.
conducts classroom guidance activities.
refers to mental health agencies, when necessary.
assists parents and teachers helping students.
coordinates college and career planning activities through Individual Learning Plans.
assists students with academic planning.
Students may see a counselor for. . .
academic planning.
assistance with study skills and organization.
assistance with Infinite Campus.
issues with peers.
assistance with family concerns.
questions regarding scheduling.
resources or services to maximize student achievement.
How does a student see a counselor?
A student may ask a teacher to see the counselor at anytime.
A teacher may refer a student to the counselor.
A parent may request a student/counselor meeting.
An administrator may request a student/counselor conference.
Is information shared with a counselor confidential?
Information that is shared with the school counselor is confidential, unless you give permission to share that information, or unless we are required by law to share it.
We will share your information when. . .
you give us permission to share.
we are required to release information by law.  
-if a law is broken
-if a judge orders us to provide information
-if we believe that you are at risk of harming yourself or others
-if we believe that someone else is harming you