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Last Updated: 1/26/2020 4:15 PM

Visitors:  We welcome you at JRES! However, anyone wishing to visit during the school day (this includes visiting during the lunch hours) will be asked to provide a picture I.D. if the office staff does not recognize the visitor as someone listed on the emergency card. If the visitor is not on the emergency card, the student’s parent will be phoned to request permission. For safety purposes, if we are unable to reach a parent, then that visitor will not be allowed to stay, even for a lunch visit.

  • If visiting for lunch, carbonated drinks and “fast food” may not be brought into the dining room by students or adults.  Also while visiting for lunch, the adult may chooses to eat on the patio, weather permitting.  The adult may ONLY take his/her designated student outside on the patio; additional friends of the student may not accompany the adult to the patio.
  • All visitors (even volunteers) will be asked to leave their keys in the office in exchange for a Visitor’s tag.  The keys will remain in a closed-in area, only accessible to our receptionist and then returned when the visitor properly signs out. This is for the safety of all of our children and staff so we know who is in the building at all times. We require everyone to participate with this safety feature (even once we recognize the volunteer or visitor). This way we ensure we always know who is in our building. On party and special event days we will have an alternate “Visitor Tag System” instead of key exchange, but we will still be checking picture ID’s if we don’t recognize the person visiting. So guests will be encouraged to arrive with the family members to speed up the process on these special event days.
  • The ID card of all guests visiting during the school day will be scanned using the RAPTOR Visitor Management System.