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Walker Permission Form

Walkers /Bike Riders

  • Students may ride a bike or walk to school only under the guidance and direction of the parents.  We want students to enjoy living in close proximity of the school, but also to be safe.  Therefore, this is a family decision.
  • If the parents wish for their child to be released at dismissal as a walker/bike rider they should complete the Walker Permission form. 
  • Parents are reminded that the school will not be able to supervise students, once released to leave.
  • This permission form will remain on file for that school year and followed until the parent gives further written directions.
  • Students will not be released from school if a form has not been made available.
  • Students’ friends will not be allowed to be dismissed as a walker/bike rider to visit a friend’s home unless that student’s parents also provide the same written form for their child.
  • Bikes should be parked in the bike rack appropriately, not left on the ground next to the bike rack. 
  • Students are not allowed to ride a motorized vehicle on school property. This includes mopeds, golf carts, scooters, etc.